MfgPro1600 xPF


Printing continuously 1 Z cm per minute, the MfgPro1600 xPF is the largest and most accurate 3D printer available in its category.

Precision High-Speed Additive Manufacturing

With the patented LSPc™ Technology by exa3D®, the MfgPro1600 xPF can print at up to 40X faster than traditional 3D Printing and deliver 2X more precise parts than ther continuous 3D printers on a large scale.

Industry 4.0 Compatibility
The MfgPro1600 xPF runs using both on-board and cloud controls for
in-situ and remote operations of a single printer or a full factory of
printers, to enable mass production of customized parts.
Cognitive Software
The MfgPro1600 xPF uses deep machine learning algorithms to
intelligently slice, topology optimize, and adaptively compile complex
geometries at uniform speed and hi-resolution.
The Most Affordable High-Resolution
3D Printer on the Market
The MfgPro1600 xPF is the most affordable high-resolution 3D printer
that offers great speed, unparalleled precision, and is compatible with
various resin materials. Its quality and affordability delivers a great 3D
printing experience.